Leveraging Webflow with HeadlessCMS and Wized

At Bauhem Agency, we have spent the last ten years mastering the art of web development, riding the crest of innovation with tools like Webflow and various Headless CMS platforms. Our journey has been about more than just creating websites; it’s been about crafting experiences that are as functional as they are visually compelling. However, every journey has its challenges, and ours was no exception.

Our Challenge: The Limitations of Webflow CMS

Webflow has been an integral part of our design toolkit, providing unparalleled design flexibility and allowing us to bring our creative visions to life. Despite its strengths, we often found Webflow’s CMS lacking when it came to handling more complex tasks necessary for our projects. This limitation nudged us toward a workflow that involved designing website components in Webflow, exporting the site, and then integrating it with Nuxt to create multilingual WebApps using DatoCMS. This process, while effective, required frequent exports and intricate orchestration between Webflow’s designer, GitHub, and Netlify—making it far from efficient.

The Dream: Bridging the Gap with Wized

Our dream was simple: to find a way to bypass the limitations of Webflow CMS without sacrificing the design flexibility it offered. That’s where Wized stepped in, turning our dream into a reality. Wized emerged as the missing piece of the puzzle, providing a seamless bridge between Webflow’s design capabilities and the powerful content management features of Headless CMS platforms like DatoCMS.

The Bauhem Solution: Webflow + DatoCMS + Wized

The integration of Wized into our workflow marked a significant turning point for us at Bauhem. It enabled us to leverage the best of both worlds: the design prowess of Webflow and the robust content management capabilities of DatoCMS. This combination, powered by the innovative use of Wized, allowed us to create a workflow that was not just efficient but also incredibly flexible.

Now, our creative teams can update styling directly in Webflow, eliminating the need for frequent exports and complex integrations. Simultaneously, our marketing teams can effortlessly manage, create, and deploy content through DatoCMS. This headless approach to content management ensures that our projects are not only beautiful but also scalable and easy to maintain.

Looking Ahead: Empowering Creativity and Efficiency

The journey of integrating Webflow, DatoCMS, and Wized has been transformative for Bauhem. It has allowed us to streamline our workflow significantly, reduce development time, and offer our clients the best of design and content management. Our success with this integration is a testament to the power of innovative tools in solving complex web development challenges.

At Bauhem, we’re excited about the future. We’re proud to offer this efficient, flexible, and powerful workflow as a part of our service offering. If you're looking to elevate your web presence with a beautifully designed, content-rich website that’s easy to manage and update, we’re here to make it happen.

The world of web development is ever-evolving, and at Bauhem, we’re committed to staying at the forefront of this change, harnessing the latest technologies to deliver exceptional web experiences. Join us as we continue to explore new horizons, leveraging the combined power of Webflow, DatoCMS, and Wized to create websites that aren’t just seen but remembered.

The result

A smooth and efficient workflow that'll lets our customer's creative teams update their styling directly in Webflow, while the Marketing team can manage, create, deploy content in a Headless CMS, like DatoCMS.

DatoCMS Modular Content example for the HomePage :

rich text editor image

And the result? A smashing 100 performance score on LightSpeed! 🎉

rich text editor image

Need a Hand? We understand that setting up this system can be time-consuming. That's why Bauhem Agency is here to help! We can handle the entire setup process for agencies/freelancer in need.

Need that solution?: We recognize the potential to equip more creators, so we plan to develop a comprehensive bundle, if we see that this will be helpful for other. This bundle would include a pre-configured DatoCMS project, a custom-built Wized project, and a production-ready Webflow template.

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