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Whether you are looking for a modern website design, or need to expand your business with a new online platform, our team has the skills and experience needed to help you succeed. We offer services like web design and automation, search engine optimization (SEO), and more. Let us be your partner as you grow your business online!

Webflow Design

Webflow is a revolutionary professional Design tool for the smallest to the largest projects. We have the official Webflow Experts accreditation.


Collect leads directly from your website and send encrypted data to any endpoint, Update Shopify order, Schedules CRM reminders, Send Batch Email, ... the possibilities are endless. By automating tasks, you can increase your productivity without increasing your workforce.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is no longer a futuristic concept.

Its applications are numerous, its technologies developed, and its potential great – waiting to be unleashed.

At Bauhem, we believe now is the time to take AI out of the research phase and into the marketplace. Where businesses can show not what AI could do, but what AI is capable of.

We have access to Artificial Intelligence that can expedite your business, your products, your writing, and much more.

Headless CMS

Airtable, DatoCMS, Contentful, Shopify, you name it! We connect flexible solution to manage the content of your website, with Modular Content too. That's precisely the magic idea of DatoCMS, a single/multiple source for the creation and management of all your adapted content. 


We are true designers with empathy for your customers, able to understand a problem and deliver a clear message with smooth interactions.

Informations architectures

We will focus on bringing principles of design, architecture and information science to your project.

VueJS Development

Your apps, sites and intranets can flourish easily and freely. We build websites with modern tools like Vue.js,  GraphQL & all the power of Node.js & the JavaScript ecosystem.

Discoverability & Structured Data

Discoverability refers to the potential of a content, product or service to capture the attention of an audience, Internet users. Ultimately, the goal is to work towards finding the best strategies and measures to improve content discovery and to discover other content.

Advanced SEO Optimisations

Each Websites come with basic SEO Optimisations (Robots.txt, Sitemap.xml, etc). In advanced mode we complete an SEO Audit on each pages to optimize every aspects of them. We take care to fix Google Webmaster Tool errors too and follow Open Graph Schema Markup.

Form submissions

A well-designed form is an important interaction between your business and a potential lead. We make sure that your forms don't causes friction with users.


Shopify is our preferred complete headless ecommerce solution to easily manage Online Store and accept Debit/Credit cards with their Tap'N'Go terminal directly on your Point of Sale app.

HTTPS Hosting

HTTPS come with every Bauhem sites, our deployment solution connected to Github that allows Us to quickly deploy sites on Fast CDN Servers. 

Backup & Versioning

If you need to roll back, any previous deploy can be selected as the live version of your site in production. Rollbacks are instantaneous.


Easily localize all your content, unlimited languages. Reach your global audience by publishing multiple versions of your content in different languages.

Design & branding