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Artificial Intelligence

AI can elevate business capabilities and performance. Why don't you use it more? Because while AI seems like an easy fix for most aspects of a business, it's often complex. We at Bauhem, are able to operate and provide AI services to accelerate your business and create visuals assets for your marketing and ads.

Using AI we can create :

  1. Conversational AI platform to improve customer and employee experience with virtual agents

  2. Restoring old images, improving and scaling a low resolution image

  3. Create text to image, text to video, text to ads

  4. Text writing, text translation, text SEO optimization

  5. Support for 25 writing languages

Bauhem seeks to create increased efficiency and productivity in various industries through AI-powered creation chain optimization. We also works to support Canadian supply chain companies by integrating AI into products and services. We are committed to promoting the safe and responsible usage of AI-related technologies.