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Discoverability & Structured Data

Discoverability and structured data are crucial for optimization, brand visibility and digital marketing. Discoverability refers to the potential of a content, product or service to capture the attention of an audience, Internet users. Essentially, it is the process of making content discoverable by search engines like Google.

Discoverability is important for every business. So what do you do if your content is not easily discoverable on the web? The strategies that help increase your content discovery include: linking it, writing meta information, and publishing in formats that are easier to find.

Discoverability is also a measure of the likelihood that Internet users will discover one or more content, product, or service. It is also known as “findability” or “findability index”. Discoverability is a key factor for brands to succeed on the web. As websites compete for user attention and market share, discoverability becomes an increasingly strategic priority.

Bauhem provides the technology to help you implement this functionality. We have structured data and discoverability experts that can implement structured data markup on your website, making it easy for search engines to find the important information about your business.