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HTTPS Hosting

Google recently announced that HTTPS would be an important factor for ranking on Google Search. But you may have a question: "Why should I use it?" Our team is the answer to this question.

If your site is not currently deployed over a secure connection, we recommend switching to the Bauhem HTTPS hosting service. We offer 100% zero-downtime deployment for all Bauhem sites and our hosting solution is directly connected to Github, so all application deployments happen within minutes.

HTTPS hosting is a requirement for all Bauhem websites, allowing sites to be quickly deployed on globally distributed CDN servers. It also integrates with Github, making any type of deployment easy, including pushing changes from your version control to production.

Security has been a major and necessary concern for most businesses in today's society. Standard HTTP does not offer this type of security, but with an HTTPS connection we can safely guarantee that your site is protected against data leaks or viruses.