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Advanced SEO Optimisations

SEO is a complex and ever-changing process. Our SEO Optimisation service will help you take the most advantage of rank your website for all the best keywords, improving your online visibility and making sure that people find it on search engines like Google, Apple or Bing.

Full SEO Audit to boost the rank on Google. We perform a full SEO Audit for every site we build to optimize your pages and understand how to sell your website. Every aspects of the site is covered from Title, Meta Descriptions and Snippets, URLs, Images Alt Tags and Site Copy among others

We make sure your website performs well online by optimizing not just the meta data, but each individual page to be search engine friendly. We take care extensively while doing the SEO Audit on each pages and fix Google Webmaster Tool errors.

Each website comes with basic SEO Optimisations (Robots.txt, Sitemap.xml...etc). In advanced mode we complete an SEO Audit on each pages to optimize every aspect of them. We also check the Google Webmaster Tool errors, and follow Open Graph Schema Markup in order to rank better in social media search engines like Facebook and Google+.