Équinox Aventures is a Canadian outdoor activity company that offers a variety of activities, including snowmobile, bike and kayak excursions in Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean.

They contacted us to automate their activity and set up e-commerce. Our mandate was to design their new digital platform to host their products and services. Visitors to the site should be able to make reservations, pay a deposit, receive documentation on the reserved activities and all this in 2 languages, English and French.

We had to take into account their budget to offer them fast and affordable solutions in addition to providing them with rapid support. The company also wanted to automate its accounting and speed up the design of custom packages.



Make life easier for employees and visitors

The new platform is designed to help Equinox Adventures make life easier for employees and visitors. This allows visitors to book directly through their phones, tablets or computers. This reduces the time they spend planning their trip and allows them to go straight to their planned activities without having to wait for an employee to help them set up their schedule.

Organize and plan

Our solution allows employees to visualize at a glance all the time slots available for each activity. So no employee wastes time searching through often outdated and inaccurate paper schedules. It also gives employees greater flexibility in designing bespoke packages, so they can make decisions when needed without needing management approval.

Shopify integration to manage online sales

With Shopify, Equinox Adventures has taken advantage of the best e-commerce platform for its own e-commerce store that allows it to easily manage its products, activities and customers. With Shopify, they have the ability to receive payments, track sales, and maintain detailed inventory of their products. They now have the ability to track sales, inventory, and customer information from any mobile device.

Reliability of available slots thanks to Airtable

The website has a booking system powered by Airtable where you can search for an available slot, choose your preferred date and view booking conditions before finalizing your booking.

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