Overview and Challenges.

Bauhem, took on the challenge of designing the website for Héritage Charlevoix, a cherished community institution in Charlevoix, Quebec. The project was not without its challenges, as Héritage Charlevoix did not previously have a website and known nothing about web.

Clean and sober design branding

The goal was to create a multilingual platform with a clean and sober design, compatible with both phones and computers. This was a task that Bauhem was more than equipped to handle, thanks to their extensive experience and innovative design tools.

Since the mid-19th century

The Cabot family, whose love for the Charlevoix region has been passed down through generations since the mid-19th century, inspired the creation of Héritage Charlevoix. Their ancestors purchased the Mount Murray Seigneury to the east of the Malbaie River, sparking a deep-rooted connection to the area that continues to this day.


Exceeded expectations

We successfully overcame the challenges presented by this project, delivering a website that not only met but exceeded expectations.

Reflecting the rich heritage

The new Héritage Charlevoix website is a testament to Bauhem's commitment to solving business challenges as quickly and efficiently as possible. The website is designed to be user-friendly, accessible, and visually appealing, reflecting the rich heritage and community spirit of Charlevoix.

Bauhem utilized a variety of tools to achieve this outcome, including Webflow design software and advanced coding techniques in Ruby.

The result is a website that effectively promotes Héritage Charlevoix's mission and services, while also providing a platform for local tourist, historical programs, and community engagement.

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