LeapZone Strategies, a renowned marketing agency from British Columbia, Canada, with several clients in Quebec, chose to collaborate with Bauhem to leverage the advantages of the Webflow tool. This decision was motivated by key factors such as maintenance costs, strict adherence to provided designs, and speed of task execution.

Collaboration with LeapZone and Milmonde's objectives

Milmonde, a company specializing in kitchen cabinets, needed to modernize its online presence while retaining the achievements of its existing site. Our mission was to redesign the milmonde.com website in Webflow, following the new design provided by LeapZoneStrategies. It was also essential to make the site responsive for mobile and tablet devices.

Implementation of a multilingual CMS

Another crucial aspect of the project was the integration of a decoupled content management system (CMS), using DatoCMS, to manage pages and landing pages in both French and English. This included configuring pages in DatoCMS, managing bilingual content, advanced SEO optimization (with the help of ChatGPT), and advanced image optimization (with ImGix). Additionally, we configured Nuxt 3 as the development framework to implement the Webflow design.

Initial content insertion and specific requirements

Our mandate also included the insertion of initial content on behalf of the client, consisting of approximately 30 pieces of content. This process involved close collaboration with Milmonde to ensure that each content element was integrated consistently and optimized, following the design and functional requirements provided by LeapZone. Bauhem's ability to manage these tasks efficiently and accurately was a key factor in meeting Milmonde's specific needs and achieving the project's objectives.



A fast site that stands out

Our collaboration with LeapZone was a true success. By leveraging the power of Webflow design and DatoCMS, we transformed their online presence by creating a platform that truly reflects their brand and meets their unique business needs. The website design strictly adheres to the mockups provided by LeapZone and offers an exceptional user experience.

DatoCMS was revolutionary

The multilingual CMS implemented with DatoCMS was revolutionary for Milmonde, allowing them to easily manage content in both French and English. This feature not only improved the user experience but also expanded their market reach, opening new opportunities to attract a diverse clientele.

Improved performance of the website

The integration of Netlify for form management significantly improved the performance of the website. With faster load times and an optimized user interface, Milmonde can now offer their clients a smooth and efficient online experience, essential in today's digital age. Additionally, advanced SEO and image optimizations boosted the site's visibility on search engines.

Automation of various business processes

Finally, the integration of automation tools like Mailchimp for lead forms simplified various business processes, making online lead management easier and more efficient. This automation freed up valuable time for Milmonde, allowing them to focus on their core expertise: designing and manufacturing high-quality kitchen cabinets.

Key statistics and results

  • The site achieved a score of 100% on Ahrefs.
  • The site reached scores of 90% and above on Google PageSpeed Insights.
  • 400% increase in visits on Google Search Console, from 140 impressions per day to over 700.
  • Two development environments were set up for rigorous testing.
  • Monthly online setup cost, including CMS and hosting, under $40/month.
  • Only 2 months of work were needed to launch the site.
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